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Mujilowe Ndhlovu

Having the opportunity to share best practices and methods that actually work instead of strictly following the book. Being able to interact and exchange knowledge with others regardless of age. The best bit of being a trainer is seeing impact that would otherwise not have been but is.

  • How many trainings have you facilitated?
  • Do you have experience with training of trainers?
  • Employment Status
  • Role
    Physiotherapist and advocate for Disability and SRHR
  • Duration
    06/13/2016 - Date
  • Thematic Expertise
    Stigma & discrimination
    Sustainable development goals (SDGs)
    Disability & SRHR
    SRHR policy & enabling environment
  • Technical Expertise
    Communication & marketing
    Program management
    Networking & Partnership managements
    IT & Infrastructure
    Monitoring and evaluation & Research
    Business development
  • Strategic Expertise
    Lobbying & advocacy
    Programme development (theory of change)
    Meaningful Youth Participation
    Diversity & inclusiveness
    Stakeholder involvement
    Behaviour change communication
    Economic empowerment


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