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Clara Kansiime

What makes me happy when training is seeing the audience doing it with passion that is to say. Learning with interest .This raises commitment to the welfare of families ,youth and women through my empowerment.

  • How many trainings have you facilitated?
  • Do you have experience with training of trainers?
  • Employment Status
  • Role
  • Duration
    09/02/2016 - Todate
  • Thematic Expertise
    Gender Equality
    Comprehensive sexuality education
    Harm reduction and drug policy
  • Technical Expertise
    Leadership and management
    Communication & marketing
    Program management
    Business development
  • Strategic Expertise
    Rights Based approach
    Gender-transformative approach
    Programme development (theory of change)
    Youth empowerment
    Meaningful Youth Participation
    Social Enterprise engagement
    Behaviour change communication
    Innovative financial instruments
    Economic empowerment
    Design thinking


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