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This online training group has been created to facilitate learning and exchange between SRHR/HIV trainers across the world. In this group, you can find and share materials, you can start and engage in discussions, and you can request and offer support to address the challenges we encounter as trainers. You can also register as a trainer.

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You can register here as a Sex Rights Global Network trainer. It’s simple, quick and free. The benefits of registering are: people who want to recruit or contract trainers on SRHR/HIV will be able to view your profile and contact you; you will be able to view the profiles of other trainers, so that you can collaborate or refer each other.

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Non-government organisations, donors, research institutions, media houses, or any other type of body interested or involved in HIV/SRHR training can register on the Trainers Lab platform in order to connect with trainers who have expertise in a wide range of HIV-related and other SRHR topics.

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Discussion Group

To get started, choose a topic from the list and start sharing your news, views and experiences.

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Remember: this group is nothing more than what the members have to offer. We therefore invite everybody to contribute, share and start new conversation topics!