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yuri ohlrichs

It is very rewarding to make people discuss sexuality without feeling uncomfortable. A positive, participatory & relaxed approach works wonders. We learn from and laugh with each other discovering differences and similarities. I feel fortunate to contribute to positive personal changes worldwide.

  • How many trainings have you facilitated?
  • Do you have experience with training of trainers?
  • Employment Status
    Employed full-time
  • Role
    Since 1995 I have gained experiences as teacher, trainer, coach and consultant on sexual health education and communication about sexuality. My expertise lies in implementing and evaluating educational materials, trainings, workshops, class sessions and curricula. I work with and for various groups: children, young people and professionals in primary, secondary and higher education, mental and physical healthcare, refugee camps and prisons. Furthermore, I have contributed to several manuals, articles, websites, educative TV programs and other media content, academic journals and books on sexuality education, sex and religion and sexual health of physically disabled people. From 1998 until 2006 I guided mandatory educational programs for juvenile sex offenders Since 2006 I have been working for international programs of Rutgers as well. My main tasks in these are consulting and training of peer educators and professionals in communication on sexual health in Africa (Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Malawi, Rwanda, Somaliland, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda) and Asia (Bangladesh, China, Indonesia). Also I facilitate training and consultancies regarding development of comprehensive sexuality education curricula such as The World Starts With Me. Since 2007 I am a licensed sexologist at the Dutch Scientific and Professional Society of Sexologists (NVVS) for which I am media spokesman and board member.
  • Duration
    1995 - 08/06/2019
  • Thematic Expertise
    Gender Equality
    Contraception and family planning
    Disability & SRHR
    Love & Sex (pleasure)
    Comprehensive sexuality education
    Harmful traditional practices (child marriage-FGM/C)
    SRHR policy & enabling environment
  • Technical Expertise
    Communication & marketing
    Knowledge management
  • Strategic Expertise
    Rights Based approach
    Gender-transformative approach
    Programme development (theory of change)
    Intervention development
    Youth empowerment
    Meaningful Youth Participation
    Diversity & inclusiveness
    Behaviour change communication
    Pleasure based approach


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